On February 1, 2016, many lovely and wonderful people successfully funded a Kickstarter for my first novel,  Ama's Watch.  Their support funded not only the first printing of the book, but also this very website. For that, I wish to immortalize them here.
Ama Tier

Tim & Pam Strickland
Seokhee Burningham
Samuel Jurewicz
Karl Rebholz
Vicki Galati

King Animus' Court Tier

Teneca Kennedy
Sam Galati
Mel Burke
Tanner Wadsworth

House of Lion Tier

Gavin Strawn
David Judd

House of Pig Tier

Aaron & Shawna Burciaga

House of Snake Tier

Spencer McPhee
Nathan Hall
Spencer & Kim Fields
Grandma Mac

House of Peacock Tier

Jordan Toney
Pier Dick
Jarrett M House
Sam Hickson
Patrick Monroe
Josie Tueller
Morgan Curriden
Taylor Beauchemin
Elisabeth M.​

House of Goat Tier

Megan Strickland
Nathan Strickland
Tom & Sandi Hachtel
Jacob Embley
Venus Molony
Aaron Foechterle
Trey Walker

House of Snail Tier

Hannah Seipert
Cati & Jack Goodrich
Danielle Walton

House of Toad Tier

Helen Shi​