Zachary James
is the very creative pen name of Zachary James Strickland. 

1993-2012: His formative years, during which he developed an open mind, an interest in storytelling and writing, and several poorly-written novel manuscripts.

2012-2014: Zachary embarked on a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, during which he kept an accurate daily journal. He still has plan to adapt parts of this journal into a humor book in the future.

June 2014: Zachary began writing for his personal daily blog ​Change and Cherish.

July 2014: Zachary began writing for PeaceHealth's ​The Caregiver, ​in addition to writing for their various magazine publications.

​August 2014: Zachary left PeaceHealth to continue his education at Brigham Young University.

November 2014: Zachary participated in National Novel Writing Month and produced the first draft for ​Ama's Watch.

January 2016: After working on Ama's Watch ​to improve its merits, Zachary launched a Kickstarter in January 2016 to both promote the book and gain enough funds to self-publish.

January 2016: Zachary joined the acquisitions team at Future House Publishing, where he has helped books like Dawn of Procyon, Ghostsitter, and Parrish reach people's bookshelves.

August 2016: Zachary ended Change and Cherish and released his new blog, Veritable Fountain, which featured a more clear vision and tone.

November 2016: Fantastic Worlds: A Fantasy Anthology  hit Amazon. Zachary's contribution to the anthology included a short prequel leading up to the events in his self-published book, Ama's Watch.

October 2017: Reflexio: Before Ama's Watch ​was published by itself on Amazon. The short story had previously only been published in Fantastic Worlds ​and as a Kickstarter exclusive.

November 2017: Zachary decided to put ​Veritable Fountain ​on an official hiatus. In its place, he began writing an indie esports journalism blog titled ​Overwatch League Report.

Zachary has many more projects under his belt, and he hopes to publish another novel by the end of 2018.
"By the time I arrived back at class, the very worst possible thing had occurred.

"They'd discussed Nathaniel Hawthorne without me."