"Also, Overwatch players really like salt, apparently, so make sure you have at least three bowls of the stuff handy at all times."
About Me
A billion years ago, I was rather disappointed to discover I wasn't yet born. Thankfully, things were rectified some time later, and I have been trying to make up for lost time ever since.

I am an indie writer whose projects recently include the indie esports journalism blog ​Overwatch League Report, as well as a short story with Future House Publishing, entitled ​Reflexio: Before Ama's Watch

​While no longer employed with Future House Publishing, I am currently working on several projects under their banner.
I aim to produce clean, family friendly material that makes people laugh and ponder at the same time. I oppose anything that doesn't promote the tolerance and love of individuals and their belief systems.

Come with me to explore both the idiosyncrasies and the wonders this world of ours has to offer. I hope you'll enjoy the journey.