Zachary James
is the very creative pen name of Zachary James Strickland. 

His first major life ambition was to be an animator, and so taught himself how to use several different versions of Flash back when that wasn't completely obsolete. However, near the beginning of his high school career, he soon tired of drawing the same slightly different pictures over and over again. Zachary recognized that he was less interested in animation, and more interested in the stories driving major animation productions.

Zachary decided to focus all his efforts on writing, which had previously served as one of his side hobbies. By the time his first two manuscripts (one middle grade, one novel) were rejected by numerous publishers, Zachary had completed his freshmen year of college at BYU.

In 2012, Zachary embarked on a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving for three months in Phoenix, Arizona and for twenty-one months in Jamaica. While on this mission, Zachary wrote nothing but emails home and a very extensive journal detailing his daily adventures, woes, and successes.

Shortly before Zachary came home, he was impressed by the story of an Olympic athlete who, finding himself without a sponsor, paid his own way to compete. Despite Zachary's extreme prejudice against self-publishing (which exists even to this day), he determined that, like this Olympic athlete, he would enter the book market with or without a sponsor.

Upon his arrival home, Zachary wrote for PeaceHealth's  The Caregiver , in addition to writing for their various magazine publications.

Zachary kept his habit of daily journaling and began a daily blog, Change and Cherish, which, for a time, maintained the same format and style of his mission journal. However, as time went on, Zachary slowly changed the format and style to meet audience demand. One such change was when he decided to blog only three times a week. Change and Cherish was a political and opinion blog, written from the perspective of a male Mormon millenial.

In November 2014, Zachary participated in National Novel Writing Month and wrote the first draft of what is now known as Ama's Watch. After tweaking the manuscript and submitting to over sixty different publishers and agents, Zachary launched a Kickstarter  in January 2016 to both promote the book and gain enough funds to self-publish.

In January 2016, Zachary joined the acquisitions team at Future House Publishing, where he has helped books like Dawn of Procyon, Ghostsitter, and Parrish reach people's bookshelves.

In August 2016, Zachary ended Change and Cherish and released his new blog, Veritable Fountain, which doesn't limit itself to any particular topics and operates outside a normal publishing schedule.

In November 2016, Fantastic Worlds: A Fantasy Anthology  hit Amazon. Zachary's contribution to the anthology included a short prequel leading up to the events in his self-published book, Ama's Watch.

In October 2017, Reflexio: Before Ama's Watch ​was published by itself on Amazon. The short story had previously only been published in Fantastic Worlds ​and as a Kickstarter exclusive.

Zachary has many more projects under his belt, and he hopes to complete two more drafts by the end of 2017.
"By the time I arrived back at class, the very worst possible thing had occurred.

"They'd discussed Nathaniel Hawthorne without me."